Click heOur dogs are like members of our family and we will only allow the finest homes to own our puppies. We place our emphasis on health, temperament and the ability for what we produce to come as close to the breed standard as we can. Beware of  "breeders"  that tell you they are breeding away from the "standard" and decide for themselves what is best for the breed.
Many people become involved in dog showing only to find their "stock" can not make the grade so to speak and they begin breeding whatever they have without any unbiased opinions to their stock..this is called kennel blindness...unable to see that your dogs are not breeding quality.
Claiming that the "correct" type is all wrong, they would like you to believe that what they have decided to breed is a better dog. I would encourage puppy buyers to go visit  kennels before you decide to get a puppy. Talk to many different breeders before making a decision.

Professional dog breeders are "doing" something with their dogs, be it conformation, agility, or obedience. They do NOT continually have litters to sell. Beware of "Breeders" who tout "Championship" lines and only have one or two Champions in a 5 generation pedigree or use different registries to get "Cheap" Champions. Certain registries Championships can be obtained in a weekend without defeating a single other dog of your breed.

There is no place in any breed for more than one "type" what you are breeding is either breeding towards correct or deviating away from it. Professional breeders compete with their stock to get
an unbiased opinion as to breeding quality ...competition is a good thing it makes you strive to improve and shows you what you need to breed towards. "Backyard breeders" have little to no
knowledge of what they need to improve on as their stock reflects how far they are from the written blueprint for the breed.

We want our dogs to be healthy and sound, as we are also keeping what we breed for ourselves and we also want them to be competitive in the show ring. Do your research, passing health clearances are important but so is the depth of that testing, if you see that the parent has a number go to the website and type in that dogs name you can then check the "depth" of a dog by then clicking vertical pedigree, if you see alot of ??? that means that dog has no ancestors that have been tested therefore it has no depth, you want to increase your chances of getting a clear dog by increasing the "good" genes, like begets like and a dog with no depth is just like a dog not tested in my opinion. It is better if both parents have passed but sometimes that isnt always possible but a good breeder should strive for that and not consistantly use dogs that do not have numbers.

We feel that if you are producing pets from pets you are not helping further the Chow breed and in fact you are hurting the breed. There are too many "pets" who dont have homes why would you breed more and claim you are not doing it for the money?? Good homes are hard to find and if you are breeding a litter or two monthly how on earth can you possibly be finding good quality homes, professional breeders have a waiting list and will not have a puppy right when you call... the show community is a tight knit group and can help you  in the right direction to get a good quality puppy. We are more than glad to help you locate a puppy even if its not from us.

Yes, politics play into showing, but if you have good dogs you can obtain their Championships and we prove our dogs worth by obtaining those championships. We also know that no dog is perfect but we do all health testing to know which dogs should or should not be taken together, or bred at all for that matter. We do all health testing then decide baised on temperament conformation and health testing which dogs to breed, we prefer not to throw out the baby with the bath water but use common sense judgement if this dog has something to offer or if it needs to not pass on its genes.

No breeder can guarantee that a dog will never come down with a genetic problem just as human beings have no guarantees with children but what your breeder does when you do face a problem makes all the difference. Hsot Chows will always be there for all dogs breed here as we love each and everyone of them as if they were our own children.
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