The Kennel

We are a small hobby kennel located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia. Each Chow has his or her own indoor/outdoor heated/ air conditioned space. Each chow is allowed ample time daily to socialize and run in the large fenced areas and come in to the main house at night. The kennel is a temporary holding space for times when we are not available.
Front view of kennel
Side View of Kennel 
Rear View
Everyone is expected to hang out and get along with one another ...
males and bitches.
Genetics plays into this the most, along with a great pack leader.

 Green grass and room to run and play with one another and interact with their own kind. Along with time to socialize and get kisses.
     Some run more than others
    Two intact males father and son  enjoying a bone on a lazy Saturday afternoon.
            " want to slowly widdle on the bone..not too fast ....enjoy it."
       Father and Son chewing a bone together
So dont invite me in the 'clique" ...Do I look like I care??

xt.All chows here at Hsot Chows are treated like family members and do not live their lives in crates 24 hours a day. Each chow is allowed in the main house  for individual time daily. We usually plan a breeding once yearly and the puppies are exposed to a variety of stimulus. We believe in leaving the puppies with their dam for at least  8-9 weeks sometimes longer as the mother teaches the pup many many things such as how to get along with other dogs and we feel this makes for a much more well rounded dog. The breeder also helps shape the puppy by using methods to stimulate the minds and spirit of the puppies...breeding and getting puppies ready to go to their new homes is a labor of love and not to be taken lightly. Done right it will consume your every waking moment for nearly 12 weeks...and a little piece of your heart when they leave.....
Introducing puppies to other species
Time socializing and learning different surfaces ...Puppies should have been on 7 different surfaces by the time they are 7 weeks old...wood concrete grass dirt carpet gravel mulch etc....the rule of 7 ...7 new people elderly, children, handicapped etc.. ate from 7 different type bowls etc... 7 different toys...cardboard boxes are an excellent way to let the puppies have some fun..
Introducing to 7 different people
elderly, handicapped etc...
     Having different surfaces in whelping box 
The easy part loving them... the hard part letting them go....